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Musco X Heat




MUSCOX HEAT spray is a natural alcohol-free antiseptic used for heating the muscles. It is easily absorbed into the skin leading to a pleasant feeling of warmth.


It acts as a local calming agent owing to the active blends such as camphor and  1,8 cineole from several chemotypes of essential oils from Mediterranean medicinal herbs and extracts produced using a patented process from native medicinal herbs from the Lamiaceae family, especially polyphenolic acids such as rosmarinic acid (RA) and Capsaicin. MUSCOX HEAT spray is based on a warm therapeutic process useful with chronic injuries and injuries lacking inflammation. Pain, stiffness, constant dull pain or joint pain are indicators of when heating agents such as MUSCOX HEAT spray might help. 


Persons with chronic pain or injury, and especially athletes with these symptoms can use this heating product before exercise to increase joint connective tissue elasticity and to stimulate blood flow.


The warmth can also help relax tense and spasmodic muscles. The warmth of MUSCOX HEAT is not recommended for treating acute injuries or issues that show signs of inflammation.


MUSCOX HEAT spray is primarily used to prevent sports injuries, dislocations, sprains, breaks, or swelling



Use short sprays on the desired part of the body and massage the content into the skin if necessary. Use the spray at least 15 minutes before physical activity. Do not spray into eyes. For external use only.


Resemary flower water, Pelargonium graveolens flower water, Glycerin, Rosemary extract, Rosemary essential oil kt 1,8 cineol, Rosemary essential oil kt chamfor, Laurel essential oil kt 1,8 cineol, Capsicum frutescens extract, Lavender essential oil kt chamfor, HA hialuronic acid, vitamin K, Propellant: nitrogen.

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