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Anti Mosquito



ANTI MOSQUITO spray is a natural alcohol-free antiseptic, light herbal complex emulsion system with essential oils and hydrolats suitable for body care. Application to the skin leaves a thin protective layer and helps ameliorate the effects of a mosquito sting as well as that of other insects. In accordance with the properties of the essential oils, it possesses exceptional protective properties against the contents of the saliva discharged by the female mosquito when stung (anticoagulants).


ANTI MOSQUITO spray contains essential oils found in studies to be quite effective in repelling mosquitoes. Essential oils from Mediterranean medicinal herbs offer a great level of protection against redness and swelling followed by itchiness after stings of various types of mosquitoes. In case of swelling  the mint present from the essential oils will cool the swollen area and decrease the inflammation process and act upon the itching sensation due to its effect on the nerve endings. It is recommended not to scratch the stung area because it leads to increased excretion of histamines and a stronger reaction thus leading to a possible infection and scarring. ANTI MOSQUITO spray is rich in monoterpene alcohols (geraniol, citronellol, linalool) and esters. Monoterpene alcohols and phenols present in the ANTI MOSQUITO spray are of exceptional biological value for they indicate significant antimicrobial activity as well as a successful effect on virus membranes. We use these blends locally and systemically with infectious diseases, most often the skin, which can be the consequence of a mosquito sting. Besides the significant antiviral effect, the ANTI MOSQUITO spray has an analgesic effect owing to the presence of eugenol and mint in the essential oils. The active ingredients from the present hydrolates and essential oils used in the ANTI MOSQUITO spray also contain flavonoids and sesquiterpene lactones and they have an antiphlogistic and bactericidal effect on the skin improving the regeneration of wounds. Active substances from the plant extracts that contain a wide spectrum of bioactive chemical bonds cause epithelization and granulation of skin cells and help with the regeneration of the skin. They also have an anti-inflammatory effect.



Use the spray on the stung areas and rub it in. Spray the exposed parts of the body as a prevention measure: the face, neck, arms, legs. The product does not stain and is absorbed quickly. After application on the skin, it leaves a thin protective layer which helps ameliorate the effects of a sting. Do not spray into eyes. For external use only. Not for children under the age of 3.


Salvia officinalis flower water, Lavandula hybrida flower water, Mentha piperita water, Foeniculum vulgare water, Pelargonium graveolens water, Artemisia vulgaris extract, Glycerin, Soya lecithin, Lavandula hybrida flower essential oil, Rosmarinus officinalis essential oil, Foeniculum vulgare essential oil, Mentha piperita essential oil, Pelargonium graveolens essential oil, Citronella essential oil, Propellant: nitrogen.

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