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Pet Antiscent




PET ANTISCENT spray is a 100% natural biological and herbal complex produced on the basis of hydrolats and useful microorganism intended for neutralizing unpleasant odors coming from pets. 


PET ANTISCENT does not contain any chemicals and has a neutral smell. PET ANTISCENT spray is a concentrated liquid produced from different bio enzyme preparations and herbal complexes on the basis of herbal extracts, hydrolats and essential oils. PET ANTISCENT spray functions as an disinfectant by destroying pathogen microorganisms in the atmosphere as well as the whole living space of the pets. 


PET ANTISCENT spray removes and prevents unpleasant odors due to its bactericidal properties and is exceptionally effective against a wide spectrum of pathogenic microorganisms, such as yeasts, molds, bacteria that cause the development of unpleasant odors with people and animals. PET ANTISCENT spray serves as a complex biological activator and is a mixture of proenzymes   (cellulose, hemicellulose, protease, lipase etc.) and microorganisms (protozoa, bacteria) and and hydrolats in the form of a liquid. It is very successful as a treatment for spots where pets go to the bathroom, food storages, work surfaces, as well as equipment for cleaning organic waste and waste water (urine, dirt, feces). PET ANTISCENT spray speeds up the process of biodegradation of organic matter, reduces the stench and other unpleasant occurences thus the development of pathogens. PET ANTISCENT spray prevents the occurence of harmful processes: rot-decomposition of food, smell and organic lining in boxes and pet beds. Prevents and greatly reduces the evaporation of ammonia (NH3), methane (CH4), hydrogen sulfide (H2S), carbon dixoide (CO2), sulfuric acid (H2SO4) and other harmful emissions. Removes or greatly reduces the number of pathogenic bacteria, such as bacteria from the group of 'cocci', fecal coliform bacteria, salmonella, shigella, Escherichia Coli and help in the prevention of the occurence of mycosis infections. PET ANTISCENT spray is competely harmless and non-corrosive.



Apply the spray several times a day on spots where the animals usually stay. Spray used items and animals as prevention. Do not spray in eyes. Only for external use.


Foeniculum vulgaris flower water, Laurus nobilis leaf water, Seaweed lithothamnium calcareum, Enzymatic components, Selected microorganisms, Aminoacids and Oligopeptides, Micronutrients, Propellant: nitrogen.

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